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BMW Repairs

Precise and detailed BMW repairs

A passion that started 20 years ago...

Meet Rex, a proud dad, a racing enthusiast on weekends, and a skilled master tech that has taken on the toughest challenges at Porsche and BMW for the past 15 years. He now leads a team of 5 as our Master Shop Technician and Work Shop Manager. 


Q: How have BMW vehicles evolved over the years? 

A: Electronics is a big one, both the complexity and knowledge required have elevated. 


Q: What makes a successful automotive technician, especially for BMW vehicles? 

A: Patience. The nature of our work is complex and requires problem-solving. Always read beyond the trouble code to truly understand what's causing the trouble. 


Q: Which BMW do you drive?

A: I drive an E90 M3 Sedan. 4 door works for my family. It's a fun car and allows me to track during weekends. 


Q: The craziest project ever attempted?

A: A complete electrical harness overhaul on a BMW i8. The car was flooded and no one had ever overhauled the harness before. It took the whole week and tons of reading, but it was a success and the owner was relieved that we were able to revive his love.  ​​​


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